• Digital Phone Service

    Quentus Technologies provides managed business and residential digital phone service. Available features include voicemail to email, call forwarding, call queues, caller identification, local and long-distance calls, conference capabilities, call forwarding, customizable ringtones, interactive voice response, and more.

  • Network Configuration and Support

    Quentus Technologies' network services include building, designing, and installing a network that meets your business's needs, be it through VLANs or independent sub-networks, while coordinating with internet service providers and offering a fail-over system with load balancing.

  • Website and Email Hosting

    Quentus Technologies understands that having a website host you can depend on stops numerous problems in their tracks. Our secure servers and backup system will minimized downtime and help keep your website open for business.

    Quentus can help you create a custom email account for corporate or personal use. Options ...

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