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  • Support For Flowroute SMS in FreeSWITCH

    Intro to Flowroute SMS

    Flowroute has added SMS functionality to their arsenal of quality communication services. For enhanced usability in the open source community, Quentus wrote native support for Flowroute SMS in FreeSWITCH through the new mod_sms_flowroute.

    Installing mod_sms_flowroute

    Mod_sms_flowroute is currently available in the FreeSWITCH source repo. Support in ...

  • SMPP support in FreeSWITCH

    Intro to SMPP

    Short Message Peer-to-Peer (SMPP) is one of the most commonly used protocols for exchanging text messages outside the SS7 network. While it is common to have other SMS endpoints and delivery mechanisms, ITSPs and the like often request SMPP support, which can be implemented with Kannel, openBTS ...

  • SMS support in FreeSWITCH


    FreeSWITCH (FS) handles SMS as events rather than as sessions or channels. FS can send SMS events in the Fire and Forget where FS sends the message but does not wait for confirmation of delivery. Once fired, there is no retry, as there is no confirmation of success or ...

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